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Adopt building blocks

Are you ready to make a difference to a child's life?

Herefordshire Council is looking for a range of different families who can meet the varying needs of the children they place for adoption.

Children who need adoptive families are usually already in foster care and unable to return to their birth parents for a variety of reasons.  As a result, some children may have very complicated histories.

If you're thinking about adopting, you'll need stamina, patience, flexibility....and a good sense of humour!  Money and possessions are far less important than affection, security, stability and good support from family, friends and communities.

You could be eligible to adopt a child, if you're...

  • Over 21 years old

  • Single, married, divorced or living with a partner

  • In a same sex relationship

  • From any ethnic or religious background

  • A homeowner or living in rented accommodation

  • Employed or unemployed

  • Already a parent

  • Living with a disability

To find out more about adopting a child in Herefordshire, visit Herefordshire Council's website.