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Looking after someone else's child

Man and young boy playing football

Do you look after someone else's child?  If you do, this is considered to be private fostering and you're legally obliged to let Herefordshire Council know about the arrangement, so they can visit the child / young person to assess that they're in a suitable and safe environment and provide help and advice, if necessary.

What is private fostering?

It's when a child under the age of 16, or 18 if they have a disability, is cared for by someone who is not a parent or close relative, such as a brother, sister or grandparent, for 28 days or more. 

There are many different private fostering situations, including children or young people who are:

  • Living with a friend's family because of problems at home

  • Living with their boyfriend or girlfriend's family

  • Staying with another family because their parents have divorced or separated

  • From overseas and staying with another family while attending school

If you're looking after someone else's child, contact Herefordshire Council on 01432 260800 or visit