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How to help your child make friends

Children can sometimes find it hard to make friends, especially if they’re changing schools or moving to a new area.  As a parent or carer, there are a few things you can do to help your child make friends.
  • Always be positive and encourage them when they’re meeting new people or experiencing new situations
  • It’s good to encourage them to always say hello to people and introduce themselves
  • Try and provide as many opportunities for socialising with other children from an early age, perhaps through a local children’s centre, toddler group, nursery, school or club

This can all help children to feel more confident, relaxed and happy and to find friends with similar interests.

Local support

Herefordshire Council: Children’s centres

National support

There’s a lot of great advice and top tips available, which can not only help your child to make new friends, but also better understand friendships:

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