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Avoiding accidents in the home

More accidents happen at home than anywhere else. There's a lot you can do to avoid them and to stay safe, for example:

  • Make sure your carpets aren't worn, especially on stairs. Remove mats and rugs to reduce the risk of slipping and tripping.
  • Have good lighting on stairs and in the bathroom, and emergency lighting in case of power cuts (torches and battery powered lamps, not candles).
  • Do not overload plug sockets or have a tangle of trailing wires that could be a fire and trip hazard.
  • Consider raising plugs to a more convenient height.
  • Do not use step ladders without help - even better to get someone else to reach what you need.
  • Make sure your slippers fit properly or wear comfy shoes that fasten instead - many accidents happen because of badly fitting footwear.
  • Do not wear long night clothes as these are potential trip hazards.

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