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1)  Approximately what percentage of adults smoke in Herefordshire?

1)  14%

2)  Approximately how many people are admitted to hospital each year in Herefordshire, as a result of alcohol consumption?

2)  600

3)  What percentage of people in Herefordshire are physically inactive?

1)  17%

4)  Which of the following statements do you believe to be correct (there may be more than one correct answer)?

1)  The MECC e-learning is focused on seven key areas: Drinking alcohol sensibly, stopping smoking, healthy eating, physical activity, mental health and wellbeing, oral health and sexual health

3)  Unhealthy lifestyles can have serious consequences, causing diseases that last for a long time and recur (chronic) or that have a rapid onset and / or short course (acute).  The good news is that we can do something about this and we can encourage people to make lifestyle changes