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Coronavirus: Local help and support

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As the country moves into the fourth stage of the Government's roadmap out of lockdown, there has continued to be a fantastic community response to supporting vulnerable residents across the county, ensuring they have what they need to stay safe and well.

The majority of residents have adapted to living with the Covid-19 pandemic, as have local community networks, parish councils and businesses, which have continued to deliver support and services within their local areas. 

We encourage residents to continue using their own personal support networks, including family, friends and neighbours, to provide help or support during this time.  Where this isn’t possible, Herefordshire Council will be able to help.

The Talk Community Covid-19 Response Team is available to provide help and support for those residents in our communities who are most vulnerable or self-isolating.  The team of council staff are working with HVOSS (Herefordshire Voluntary Organisations Support Service) and local community groups, to help with basic requests, such as:

  • Going shopping for food

  • Collecting prescriptions from the pharmacy

  • Walking the dog


If you need help and support

If you’re struggling to cope or you're self-isolating and have nobody to help you, get in touch with the Talk Community Team today.

You can arrange help and support, either for yourself or on behalf of someone you know, by calling 01432 260027, e-mailing or completing the online form on Herefordshire Council's website.

To find out more about the service, please visit the council’s website.

This page was last updated on 2 August 2021 (10:45am)