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Talk Community Hubs: Countywide

A photo of Herefordshire countryside near Goodrich Castle

There are currently 28 Talk Community Hubs across Herefordshire.

To find your nearest hub, take a look at the following and select the relevant page.

Bromyard area

  • Bishops Frome Village Centre
  • Bromyard Food Bank and Money Advice Centre
  • HOPE Community Hub

For further details, take a look at our Bromyard area page

Golden Valley area

  • Black Hill Communities Network
  • G.V. Community Hub
  • The Hub at St Peter's

To find out more, visit the Golden Valley area page.

Hereford area

  • Burghill Talk Hub
  • Challenge Community Church (New addition: 9 September)
  • Dinedor Village Hall
  • Herefordshire Veteran Support Centre (New addition: 7 September)
  • Hinton Community Centre
  • Putson Baptist Church
  • St Martin’s FoodShare (New addition: 3 September)
  • St Peter's Talk Community Hub (New addition: 15 September)
  • The Courtyard
  • The Life and Soul Kitchen
  • The Living Room
  • Wellington Talk Communtiy Hub

For further details, take a look at our Hereford area page.

Kington area

  • Talk Community Hub @ Staunton on Wye Village Hall

To find out more, visit the Kington area page.

Ledbury area

  • Colwall Community Hub
  • Ledbury Methodist Church & Meeting Centre

For further details, take a look at our Ledbury area page.

Leominster area

  • Leominster Community Centre
  • Leominster Food Bank
  • The Huddle Hub
  • Yarpole Talk Community Hub

To find out more, visit the Leominster area page.

Ross-on-Wye area

  • Lea Community Hub
  • Ross Good Neighbours
  • Ross-on-Wye Community Garden

For further details, take a look at our Ross-on-Wye area page.