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Moving into Primary School

Choosing a primary school for your child with SEN or a disability (SEND)

When choosing a school for your child with special educational needs, you will want to know how much support will be available to them to ensure that they can access school life and meet their full potential. If your child has a physical disability, you are likely to be interested in how easily your child will be able to access different areas within the school.

Schools must publish information about their provision for special educational needs and disabilities on their website. You can find links to school SEND information on Herefordshire Council's schools directory, where you can also see the accessibility rating for each school. You can read more about accessibility and how the council are working with schools to improve accessibility to facilities and learning opportunities for all pupils on Herefordshire Council's website.

Once you have an idea of a few schools it is always best to visit and find out, by talking with staff and with other parents, what support they will be able to offer your child. If your child is in a nursery or pre-school setting you should be able to discuss moving into primary school with the teachers and other professionals supporting your child. 

Find out more about children with SEND moving from a pre-school setting to reception on Herefordshire Council's website.

Admission to primary school for children with an EHCP

There is a separate admissions process for applying for a primary school place if your child has an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP). More information can be found on Herefordshire Council's website. If you would prefer a different primary school for your child to the one named in your child’s EHCP, it is important that you contact your SEN Officer by calling 01432 260178 or email (please note the underscore at the start of the email address).

Moving to primary school

In the spring term, when your child's school place has been confirmed, staff from the new school will visit your child in their pre-school setting to understand their needs and to start preparing for their move to reception class. Settling in visits to schools are arranged for all children, including those with SEND. Your child's pre-school may invite you, and anyone else involved in your child's care, to attend a transition meeting with staff from your chosen school so that you can plan together for a smooth and positive transition from their early years setting to school. 

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