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Children with speech, language and communication difficulties (5 - 16 years old)

Speech and language toolkit

If you want to support your child’s speech, language and communication development, take a look at the free speech and language toolkit.

In Herefordshire, the children's  speech and language therapy service (SALT) supports children who have a range of speech, language and communication needs.  If you have concerns about your child's speech or language skills you should discuss them with your child's teacher, who will be able to talk to the SALT link therapist.  Not all children will need a referral to SALT  and will be supported in school.

For more information about  SALT services, criteria and referral, please visit the SALT section and the children's SALT core service leaflet on the Wye Valley NHS Trust website.

Schools and colleges can help most children and young people with speech, language and communication difficulties overcome their difficulties and support them to learn.  A few will need more help than their school or college can usually provide and more specialist support may be needed.

The Language and Communication Centre (LCC) at Hampton Dene Primary School offers the opportunity for children who have a diagnosis of autism or severe speech, language and communication difficulties, to achieve the very best that they can, in an environment suited to their individual needs. To attend a class in the LCC a child needs to have both an EHCP (Educational, Health and Care Plan) and fit the criteria of entry. Hampton Dene Primary School also manage the autism outreach provision to other primary and secondary schools. 

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