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Respite, short breaks and activities

There are a range of services available to provide short breaks and respite for families of disabled children and to enable children to have new experiences and to take part in fun activities. 

Recognising the wide range of needs disabled children and their families have, there are three levels of service.

  • Universal: Activities for all - mainstream community services such as youth clubs, uniformed groups ( e.g. Scouts, Cubs and Brownies), leisure centres, nurseries, child-minders and activity-based groups.

  • Targeted: The Targeted Short Breaks (TSB) allowance scheme is to help families of children with special educational needs and disabilities who need extra support to take part in clubs and leisure activities and providing a break for parents. No social care assessment is needed.

  • Specialist: Respite (specialist short break services) can be provided to meet a specific need following a social care assessment of the child's and family's circumstances. Depending on the outcome of the assessment, needs can either be met through a direct payment for the family to make their own arrangements, or through a commissioned service of daytime activities or overnight short breaks. 

For further information, please see the short breaks statement and eligibility criteria.

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To read more about how short breaks were re-commissioned and feedback received, please see:

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