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Young carers

Making a heart with your hands

Coronavirus / Covid-19 and its impact on young carers

Coronavirus / Covid-19 is having an impact on everyone, but it's likely to be increasing the pressure on young carers, as the peer and emotional support they'd normally rely on, is reduced at this time.  Young carers may also be in need of additional support from other services.

Help is available

If you're a young carer, you can refer yourself for a Young Carers Assessment with Herefordshire Council, to find out what support they'll be able to offer you.  The council's Young Carer Service considers the whole family when making an assessment of your needs and by looking at this complete picture, they can get a clearer idea of your requirements and aspirations, to enable you to overcome the barriers you may be facing.

Going to school during Covid-19

Would you like support to go back to school?  If you need additional support to return to school or would like to talk through your concerns about returning to school, please contact the Young Carer Service.

To find out more about the service, take a look at the council support section below.

We know that people often don’t see themselves as a carer, as they’re simply looking after someone they love who is ill, has a disability, a mental health problem or substance addiction.  However, if you’re aged 18 or under and helping to look after a family member or friend, who couldn’t manage without you, then you’re a young carer!

It’s likely that you’ll have taken on a number of extra jobs in and around the home, that an adult would normally do, such as cooking, cleaning, shopping, looking after younger brothers or sisters or helping someone get washed, dressed, move around and take their medication.

If this sounds like you and you think you may be a young carer, it’s so important to talk to someone at your school or college, as they’ll be able to help you manage your school / college work alongside your caring role.  They can also put you in touch with organisations that can further help you and your family.

Council support 

Herefordshire Council has a Young Carer Service which can offer lots of different information, guidance and advice to support you and your whole family.  They can also support with your school or college, offer emotional support and befriending and they’ll let you know about other organisations which can help.

They’ll help and encourage you to look after your own wellbeing, which young carers often forget about when they’re caring for someone, and support you to think about what you may need to achieve your own personal aspirations. 

If you’d like to talk to somebody, to better understand how this service can help you, get in touch with the friendly Early Help Team:

Elyse Chamberlain
07792 880193  •

Jake Fosterjohn
07792 881804  •

Local support

Crossroads Together offer information, advice and support to young carers, along with the chance to spend time with other young carers in group sessions, activities and day trips, support in school and with homework and help to learn new skills.

Herefordshire Young Carers Club provide support and respite for children and young adults in the county, who care for a family member with an illness, disability, mental health issue or a drug or alcohol problem.  They run clubs across Herefordshire, alongside day trips and outings.

Hope Support Services provide support to 11 to 25 year olds when a close family member is diagnosed with a life threatening illness.

No Wrong Door offer a safe space for those aged 11 to 25 to access information, guidance and support, along with different activities that can help build your skills, self-esteem and confidence.

St Michael's Hospice offer a Children and Young People’s Service for anyone aged 25 and under who has a close family member diagnosed with a life threatening illness. It provides a space for young people to spend time with others going through a similar situation, share experiences and provide peer support.

Talk Community Directory has a vast range of information which can help you in your caring role, including groups, activities and events near where you live.

National support