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What to do if someone dies

When someone close to you dies, it can be a very distressing and difficult time, which makes it hard to begin thinking about the different tasks you'll need to complete in the days after they've passed away.

There's lots of information available, both locally and nationally, which can help make this process a little easier, including how to register the death, arranging the funeral and memorial and dealing with the person's finances and estate.

Local information

Herefordshire Council offer information on registering a death, cremations and burials (including private and natural) and memorials, along with a Tell Us Once Service, which enables you to report a death to most government organisations in one go.  The council also provide a Bereavement Service, which can help with general enquiries and advise families who wish to make their own funeral arrangements.

     ➡ 01432 383200  • 

Humber Woodland of Remembrance offer natural green burials near Leominster for people of all faiths, or none, where graves are marked by trees and wildflowers, rather than headstones.

     ➡ 01568 760443

National information

The Government provide a step by step guide for what to do after someone passes away, including how to register the death, notify government departments and manage financial issues.

Humanist UK is a network of trained British Humanist Celebrants who conduct humanist, non-religious ceremonies.

     ➡ 0207 324 3060  •

National Association of Funeral Directors offer information on funerals and choosing a funeral director and provide details of those based within Herefordshire.

     ➡ 0121 711 1343

National Association of Memorial Masons provide information on memorials, along with details of masons in Herefordshire.

     ➡ 01788 542264  •

National Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors offer information on funerals, including details of directors in Herefordshire, and free bereavement counselling sessions through participating directors.

     ➡ 0345 230 6777  •

The Natural Death Centre offer information and advice on DIY and environmentally friendly funerals, natural burial grounds and private land burials.

     ➡ 01962 712690  •

The Good Funeral Guide provides useful information to support you with your funeral choices.

UK Care Guide has produced a useful graphic showing the 21 things you need to consider, when someone passes away.