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Using the toilet

Using the toilet is something that most people take for granted and if assistance is required it can cause distress.

There are things you can do that may help:

  • Make sure the way to the toilet is well lit at night.
  • Consider the use of a commode or bottle at night to avoid a walk to the toilet, especially if this avoids the top of the stairs.
  • Consider if a special frame, rails or a higher seat would help you get on and off the toilet.
  • Never use a walking frame to hold onto whilst standing from a toilet, as it is not designed for this purpose and could easily tip over.

By using equipment, independence can be regained.  While in other situations more complex solutions may be required and you should speak to an occupational therapist to help you decide what would be best for you. For more information please go to the Daily living equipment section of this website. 

Or you can visit the Safe+Well website where you can find useful advice and products that make daily living easier.

If you are living with incontinence issues, the NHS website provides useful information, or you can talk to your GP. 

Wye Valley NHS Trust also provides a Bladder and bowel health service; visit their website for more information. 

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