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Put a spring in your step and get ready for May's National Walking Month

28 April 2022

Two people walking their dog

With lighter evenings and the spring sunshine, it’s the perfect time to lace up your trainers and get walking, at a pace that works for you!

Walking is a great way to help us feel energised, get in a workout that's free, helping us to live happier and healthier lives.

But what support can you get for walking in Herefordshire? Well, there’s lots!

You are spolit for choice in the county, with lots of scenic circular walks  and easy access walks - there really is something for everyone.

FREE Nordic Walking 5 week courses are available in Hereford from Sun 22 May 11.30-12.30 Led by qualified instructor, for all ages & fitness levels. Poles provided! Nordic walking is a full-body exercise that's easy on the joints and suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Full dates and booking information. Contact or 07760 734492 and leave a message.

Fancy going on a guided walk to explore the county? There is a fantastic range of walking groups available across Herefordshire. Find out more on the Herefordshire Council website.

Keep the kids engaged and go on a family walk. Use this activity sheet to spot nature along your walking trail, developed by Choose How You Move.

Get Walking’s latest free virtual walking holiday has launched - Join Get Walking on a feelgood tour of Cornwall, and make your way from Launceston to the Eden Project, taking in some fabulous locations on the way. You can even sync your fitbit to your account! Sign up and log your steps.

Avoid the traffic and arrive feeling refreshed after walking to work. There's some helpful guides available on the Herefordshire council website which show the best ways to walk to key employment areas in Herefordshire.

If you're looking for inspiration, check out our being active page which is jampacked full of ideas on how to get healthy in ways that work for you.

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