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Talk Community Hub welcomes a new visitor

18 October 2021

Jo Hilditch, High Sheriff of Herefordshire, pictured with Ali Beynon and Tim Shelley at Ross-on-Wye Community Garden

The wonderful team at Ross-on-Wye Community Garden (which also happens to be one of our amazing Talk Community Hubs!) recently welcomed the High Sheriff of Herefordshire, Jo Hilditch, for an official visit.

During the visit, Jo met service users and volunteers and found out more about the garden’s different initiatives, including the Zero Waste Stall, which hands out surplus food to the local community, six mornings a week.  Since November, the initiative has saved 13 tonnes of food from going into landfill.

She also met volunteers who run the garden’s Talk Community Hub, which opened this summer, which provides a safe place for anyone to pop in and find out about local services and support throughout the county.

Tim Shelley, Project Leader, said: “We are all absolutely delighted that the High Sheriff took time to visit the garden and to understand what the project is all about.  We are hoping that many more people will access our free services and find out that this beautiful place, in the centre of Ross-on-Wye, is available to everyone."

To find out more about Ross-on-Wye Community Garden or any of our Talk Community Hubs, take a look at

Jo Hilditch, High Sheriff of Herefordshire, met service users and volunteers during a visit to Ross-on-Wye Community Garden

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