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Driving and parking


Once you reach the age of 70, your licence expires, but this doesn't automatically mean you have to stop driving.  You just need to renew your driving licence if you want to continue driving and then every three years afterwards. Visit the DVLA website for information.

If you have a medical condition or just feel you are unsure of your driving ability, you will have a driving ability assessment at a Mobility Centre. 

However, just because you have a medical condition doesn't mean you can't drive - there are adaptions you can buy for your car and you may be given a Blue Badge to allow you to park in disabled parking bays to make it easier for you. Information on the Blue Badge scheme including how to apply for one can be found on Herefordshire Council's website.

Herefordshire Council also offer refresher training to drivers who live in Herefordshire and are aged 70 or over, visit the council's website for further details.


To help plan your journey, Herefordshire Council's website has information on all the council car parks across the county in its Parking section.

If you are eligible for a disabled parking badge (a Blue Badge), or want to find out if you might be eligible, information can be found in the Blue Badge section of Herefordshire Council's website.

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