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Train travel

Train travel across Herefordshire is limited but links to other areas are good for exploring nearby places or further afield.  More information on train travel including Herefordshire train services can be found on Herefordshire Council's website.

You can ask for assistance to help with your travel by train including assistance with your bags. Rail staff can help you plan your journey, book tickets and make reservations as well as help you to board your train and assist with your luggage.  Please visit the National Rail website for further information. National Rail also provide information which can help you find your way around stations enabling you to plan a route that avoids stairs for example. Please visit Station services and facilities and enter the station you want to see.

There may also be some concessions available by purchasing a rail card. These are annual savings cards that can be purchased for a one-off cost that allow you to make savings on most rail fares in the UK. For more information please go to the Railcards website for details of what is available and who can purchase one.