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Toilet facilities

Herefordshire Community Toilet Scheme

There's a number of different businesses across the county, including restaurants, bars and shops, that will let you use their toilet facilities free of charge, without having to make a purchase.  All participating businesses will display a use our loo sticker (similar to the above example), which will show the facilities available.

To find facilities near you, along with public and accessible toilets, take a look at The Great British Public Toilet Map website.

Accessible toilets

The National Key Scheme offers disabled people independent access to over 9,000 accessible toilets in the the UK, including shopping centres, pubs, cafes, department stores, bus and train stations.  You can purchase a Radar Key, along with a booklet of locations of where you can use the key, from Disability Rights UK

You can also find accessible toilets on the Changing Places Toilet Map website.