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A time to say thanks – Volunteers’ Week 2022

01 June 2022

Volunteers' Week is all about celebrating and thanking volunteers for their invaluable contribution to our communities.

It goes without saying that volunteers have played a key role in the pandemic response. During an exceptionally difficult couple of years, people from all walks of life around the UK have taken the time to volunteer and make a huge difference to their communities – just as they do every year.

Volunteers play an active role across Herefordshire and are behind many of the services we all rely on in the community. Their contribution is often unseen, apart from by the communities and people they support, however the pandemic has raised the profile of volunteering in a way that people across Britain are very now aware of the incredible contribution that has been made by volunteers!

Say thank you with hvoss

Hvoss want to capture and share as many ‘Thank You’ messages as possible!

  1. Write a thank you message to your volunteers
  2. Take a selfie or team photo with your thank your message
  3. Send them to hvoss using their online form

Hvoss will then share your message and picture via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram showcasing your support and showing how the sector values and appreciates volunteers.

Give an hour!

Volunteering is a great way to get involved within your local community. Meet new people, learn new skills and make a difference. We’re asking all residents across Herefordshire to give an hour by volunteering. If everyone gave an hour, it would generate an estimated 192,000 hours of support to our local communities. Whether you want to arrange a litter pick, befriend someone in a care home, or help out at your local park run, there’s something for everybody to get involved with.

Need a little inspiration, why not try some of these ideas? You can also browse our services and groups section for organisations where you can volunteer!

Volunteers' Week resources

  • Check the Volunteers Week website for information on how you can get involved
  • Organise online events to connect with your communities
  • Download the resources you need

Get social follow the @NCVOvolunteers twitter account and share your inspiring stories, pictures and videos using #VolunteersWeek

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