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Can you offer short breaks for children with disabilities?

05 January 2022

Two young smiling boys hugging one another

If you’re looking to make a difference this year, why not become an overnight carer for a child with disabilities?

Herefordshire Council is recruiting carers to its sleepover scheme to provide overnight short breaks for children with disabilities across the county.  This extremely rewarding role enables a child with disabilities to stay with a carer and their family, at regular intervals throughout the year, in the carer’s home.  The number of short breaks provided can be flexible to fit around your family lifestyle and can be as little or as many as you like.

As a carer, you will form a close relationship with the child and their family and become an important part of the child’s wider support network.  The child gets the chance to experience new things, meet new people and develop their sense of independence.  Their parents get a break from their daily caring responsibilities and have the opportunity to do things with their other children, which they may not be able to do otherwise.

The children looking for short breaks have a range of disabilities and full training on each child’s particular needs will be provided.  All you need is a spare room (it doesn’t necessarily have to be on the ground floor) and a commitment to caring.

“We look forward to the times we spend with the child we provide care for.  No day is ever the same and our lives are enriched with fun, love and laughter.”

In return, our carers receive a generous allowance and mileage costs, general foster carer and child specific training, supervision and support from a qualified social worker, access to a family support worker and membership to the fostering network.

“I was worried about what looking after a child with a disability would involve.  18 months on, I am really glad that we pursued it; I am gaining confidence and enjoy spending time with the little man we care for.”

If you have the time and ability to take on this rewarding role and make an incredible difference to a child’s life, then take that first step and get in touch today! 

To find out more about the sleepover scheme, contact Sally on 01432 383240 or or visit Herefordshire Council’s website.

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