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Free support to live a healthy lifestyle in Herefordshire

02 February 2023

In a nutshell, our Healthy Lifestyle Team help people live happy and healthy lives in Herefordshire... but do you really know about all the wonderful help and support you can get for free?

The Healthy Lifestyle Service offers free and confidential support for those living in Herefordshire or registered with a Herefordshire GP around healthy eating, physical activity, alcohol reduction and smoking cessation.

We have trainers based out in different areas of Herefordshire, so that people are easily able to access the service and arrange face to face appointments. Health trainers provide a client centred approach, supporting individuals to develop sustainable healthy lifestyle changes, educating them in their area of change and supplying them with the skills and tools for long term changes. Examples of this may include swapping up the mid-afternoon snacks, to healthier alternatives or allocating time in your day to move (even if it’s just five minutes!). Small changes like this all add up and can lead to big results!  The programme itself entitles clients to six to eight support sessions in a 12 week period and follow up sessions of up to a year thereafter.

Clare Evans, Talk Community Health and Wellbeing Trainer Lead said: "When it comes to diet, exercise and weight loss people look to do everything at once... We are a generation of fast fixes and unfortunately these never stick around for long! Have you ever found yourself drawn into the new diet fad or joining up to the gym in January and starting off really strong, but then losing the motivation? This is due to making unrealistic, that more often than not are not sustainable. The secret to improving your health is consistency… therefore creating small sustainable changes is key! And that’s were we come in…. The Healthy Lifestyle Service is a completely free service offered to those in Herefordshire looking to make long-term improvements to their health! Our team of trainers are based across Herefordshire and are ready to support you along your new health journey!”

For those wishing to access the Smoking Cessation programme, this is specifically a 12 week service where clients get support from both the client and Nicotine Replacement Therapy. Studies have shown, this method gives you three times more chance of successfully quitting!

A person who received support from Healthy Lifestyles said:

“My trainer gave me the support when I needed it, I needed the nudge in the right direction and have gone on to lose 2 stone in weight and increase my exercise, I am managing my diabetes without the need for medication - I am very proud of what I have achieved and appreciate the support given.”

To get support from the Healthy Lifestyles team, please contact: