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Wear Green to Support the Team!

28 June 2023

This Friday, 30th June the biggest sporting celebration of climate action and nature ever attempted, is making its way to Hereford. 

Join in as the Running out of Time relay passes through Herefordshire on Friday June 30th for Stage 241 from the Courtyard Theatre to the Kindle Centre, along the Great Western Way from 11am to 12pm, where Cabinet Member for Environment, Cllr Swinglehurst, will be carrying the Relay Baton.

Whether you’re a walker, wheeler, runner or cyclist, you can join in the stage for free on the  Herefordshire Council team page follow the link and ‘join our team’ with the code ‘HCGUEST’

People are being encouraged to come along to watch and show your support along the route and even better why not “wear green to support the team!”


  • 10:40: At The Courtyard The relay baton will arrive from Victoria Bridge to a welcome party (Up to 100 people, including St Thomas Cantilupe School) will be gathered to celebrate and cheer the baton's arrival.
  • 11:00 Climate convoy begins, starting with walkers, then wheelers, runners and cyclists. Baton holder will be Cabinet Member for Environment, Cllr Elissa Swinglehurst
  • Along the route:
  • Lord Scudamore Academy School are creating a cheering archway for the participants on the Great Western Way, with their environmental posters.
  • As the relay passes  the entrance for Riverside Primary School pupils will be coming out to cheer on the relay

Running out of Time Co-Founder Jamie Hay said:

“I’m really looking forward to bringing the Running Out of Time Relay to my home county. The relay has travelled over 1700km so far on it’s 2661km journey from Ben Nevis to Big Ben and in Herefordshire we have so many fantastic climate action projects taking place across. We hope to use this moment in the relay to help celebrate the work already being done. Shine a light on it and hopefully inspire others to follow suit. Keeping the pressure on our governments, our employers, our places of learning and ourselves to take collective action to look after our planet.

“The relay will use the power of sport to literally connect the many incredible projects taking place with an unbroken chain of participants.”

The relay started on June 10th and ‘runs’ until July 11th, thousands of runners, walkers, wheelers and cyclists will relay the baton 2,661km from Ben Nevis to Big Ben; inspiring the nation to take collective action NOW to reach net zero!


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