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Pregnant woman
The decision to start a family, can be one of the biggest decisions we make and life as a new parent can be exciting, challenging and maybe even a little daunting!
There's a vast range of information available for those looking to conceive or who are pregnant.

Local support

Wye Valley NHS Trust (Hereford County Hospital) provide information on its maternity services, including a virtual presentation.
Herefordshire Council offer advice on how to legally register a birth, once your little one has arrived.  Don't forget....You'll also need to register your baby with your GP surgery.

National support

The NHS provides a wealth of information and advice from getting pregnant and keeping well in pregnancy to labour and breastfeeding.

Start4Life supports you throughout your pregnancy and following the birth of your baby.  They offer advice on everything from healthy eating, exercising and vitamins to alcohol and smoking.  They also offer a week by week guide and if you sign up for their pregnancy, baby and toddler guide, they'll send you weekly personalised advice, videos and tips.

National Childbirth Trust (NCT) covers information on pregnancy, birth, parenthood and local classes.

Tommy's is supported by Public Health England and along with providing pregnancy advice, they also offer a great planning for pregnancy toolkit to help you plan ahead for a healthy pregnancy and child.

The government offers advice about your maternity and paternity rights, along with information on financial assistance and childcare.

Additional support
For partners
The NHS has some useful information on pregnancy, birth and beyond for dads and partners, while Start4Life offers advice for partners and the National Childbirth Trust offers a dad's view on parenting.
For single parents
Being a single parent comes with its own challenges.  The national charity Gingerbread provides advice, training and practical support to single parents, along with helpful factsheets on the issues you may face, such as separation, bereavement and supporting your child.
Contraception after birth
You can become pregnant again only three weeks after giving birth, so if you don't want to get pregnant straight away, you'll need to arrange appropriate contraception.  Visit our sexual health page for contraception information.  The NHS also offers information about sex and contraception after birth and if you're planning another pregnancy.
Male and female postnatal depression
If you or your partner is feeling depressed following the birth of your baby or you want to talk to someone about how you're feeling, visit our postnatal depression page for support information.  Alternatively, speak to your midwife, health visitor or GP.
Health visitors
A health visitor is a qualified nurse who has recieved extra training to support parents and children.  A part of their role is helping families to avoid illness and stay healthy, especially those with babies and young children.  To find out more about the health visiting service, provided by Wye Valley NHS Trust, visit their health visiting page.
Children's centres
There are a number of children’s centres across the county, which provide a range of different services to help children under the age of five, their families and carers.  For more information, visit Herefordshire Council’s find a children's centre page.
We have a range of information on the different types of childcare and financial support available in our childcare section.
Development checks and vaccinations
To find out more about development checks and vaccinations for your child, visit our health and development checks section.