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Walking equipment and mobility aids

If you are experiencing difficulty with your balance or walking indoors it is always recommended that you seek advice and assessment from a physiotherapist or other health care professional.

In Herefordshire a referral to a physiotherapist can be made by your GP or any other health care professional who is involved in your care.

You may also be able to self-refer in some circumstances to the physiotherapists at your local community hospital.

When requesting a referral you should give full details about the difficulties you are having so that a referral to other appropriate services such as occupational therapy can also be considered.

If you are having falls at home it may be recommended that you are first referred to the Herefordshire Falls Prevention Service which is based at Leominster Community Hospital. This service is for people who have had falls or stumbles, who feel they are at risk of falls, or who have lost confidence and are afraid of falling.

Further information about this service and falls prevention can be found in the falls prevention section.

The correct prescription of walking equipment is not as straight forward as it seems, and for that reason advice from a physiotherapist or other healthcare professional is always advised in the first instance. If however you have received advice and want to purchase your own equipment or just want to replace a piece of equipment, there are many local or postal suppliers of equipment who may be able to help you. Visit our Daily living equipment section for information about purchasing equipment.

The Red Cross provide short term loans of mobility aids to people in need, including wheelchairs, walking sticks and frames. Please visit their website for details.

The Disabled Living Foundation has an excellent website called AskSara that takes you through an assessment and makes recommendations about the type of equipment you could purchase to help. They also have a very helpful factsheet about choosing walking equipment, which can be accessed from their website.