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What is a Talk Community Hub?

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Coronavirus update

Please note that all Talk Community Hubs are operating slightly differently during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

What is a Talk Community Hub?

It's somewhere...

  • That brings people together, builds friendships and helps to further strengthen local communities

  • You can connect to your local community and services

  • To access information and find available services, groups and activities to support your wellbeing and independence

Each Talk Community Hub is unique, as it's a reflection of its local community.  A hub might be developed within an existing setting, which already operates in the community, such as a community centre, church or cafe or it can be something completely new.

All Talk Community Hubs provide an opportunity to bring residents together, alongside offering up to date health and wellbeing information and helping to connect people to services, groups and activities, either within their local area or across the county.  The hubs are run by staff and / or volunteers from the local community with support from Herefordshire Council.

Although the ongoing coronavirus pandemic is affecting how the hubs currently operate, they're finding creative and virtual ways to connect with the local community to ensure residents can still access the information and support they need.

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